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Welcome to The Apple Group, where your real estate journey transforms into an exciting adventure, led by our enthusiastic team of experts – Johnny Apple, Hector Mendez, and Scott Michaels! With us, real estate is more than transactions; it’s about crafting personalized experiences with integrity, transparency, and a deep commitment to your dreams. Imagine a service where your needs are the star, and our passion for innovation turns every challenge into a thrilling opportunity. We’re not just in the business of properties; we’re in the business of people and communities, driven to make a meaningful impact in every neighborhood we serve. Join Johnny, Hector, Scott, and the rest of our passionate team on this dynamic journey, where we don’t just work in real estate – we live it with every fiber of our being, bringing joy and excitement to each client and community, one extraordinary experience at a time. Get ready for a real estate adventure like no other with The Apple Group!

Johnny Apple

Realtor/Managing Partner

Embarking on a career in real estate, I bring a unique blend of creativity and a talent for building meaningful connections. This new venture is a natural progression from a dynamic career that includes a significant milestone in online retail: our company was ranked #187 in the Forbes 5000 list of fastest-growing companies. This achievement reflects my dedication to excellence and innovation.

My experience in online retail was more than just business; it was a journey of understanding diverse needs and aspirations. This background has seamlessly transitioned me into real estate, where I focus on creating genuine relationships and offering personalized service to each client.

At the heart of my drive are my three boys, who constantly inspire me with their zest for life and love. They motivate me to pursue excellence in all my professional endeavors. As a real estate agent, I’m passionate about not just facilitating transactions, but in helping people discover their ideal home, fostering lasting connections along the way.

Scott Michaels

Realtor/Managing Partner

Scott Michaels, a Detroit-born musician-turned-real estate entrepreneur, renowned for orchestrating seamless real estate deals. Passionate about connecting people, Scott balances his professional life with being a devoted husband and father, and an enthusiast of world-class golf courses. At The Apple Group, he’s not just a real estate agent, but a partner in building financial wealth and independence

Hector Mendez

Realtor/Managing Partner

With over a decade of experience in the telecom industry and expertise in residential loan origination, I co-founded and scaled an oil and gas distribution company to national prominence, excelling in multimillion-dollar deal negotiations and team development. My career is marked by versatility across sectors, driven by a deep passion for business growth and client commitment. This journey highlights my adaptability, strategic acumen, and dedication to professional excellence.

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